Start using today! simplifies meeting scheduling. Sync calendars, create a unique link for available slots, clients book hassle-free. Automatic updates, free for unpaid meetings, easing scheduling challenges.
Creating a Meeting ServiceEasily create a meeting service on Access via sidebar, add service with title and duration. Share unique URL, hassle-free bookings, centralize scheduling for streamlined meetings.
PAID Meeting/Paypal Create paid meeting service on Sidebar - Meeting Services - Add service. Specify title, duration. Unique URL for each service. Choose paid option, collect payments via or external (PayPal). Share URL for booking. Organize paid meetings effortlessly.
Connect Google CalendarAdding Google Calendar to Sidebar - Meeting Services - Connected Calendars. Connect Google Calendar for availability. Grant permissions, no meeting details accessed. Sync multiple calendars, prevent double bookings. Simplify scheduling and avoid conflicts with
Connect Microsoft/Teams CalendarAdding Microsoft Teams calendar to Sidebar - Meeting Services - Connected Calendars. Connect Microsoft Teams calendar, grant permissions for availability. No access to meeting content. Sync with Google Calendars for accurate availability. Prevent double bookings, streamline scheduling with
Creating a Freelance ServiceFor scheduling freelance meetings on Access via sidebar - Freelancing Services - Add service. Specify title, duration. Unique URL. Share URL for live chat or orders. Simplify freelance scheduling on one platform.
Freelancer Paypal PaymentsCreating paid freelance service on Sidebar - Freelancing Services - Add service. Specify title, duration, pricing. Get payments via (PayPal). Share unique URL. Simplify scheduling and payment collection for freelance work.
Integrate ZoomIntegrate Zoom with Activate Zoom extension, connect accounts, edit/create meeting service, enable Zoom option. Enjoy smooth scheduling and seamless integration.
Creating PAID Meeting ServiceThe video demonstrates creating a paid meeting service using Add services, set title, duration, collect payments via PayPal. Share unique URL with customers for booking.
No external calendarsUse without external calendars. Central calendar prevents double bookings, displays availability. No need for Google or Microsoft calendars. Simplify scheduling, prevent conflicts effortlessly.
Share Your Proceeds with a CharityEmpower your meetings with purpose on by effortlessly donating a percentage of your proceeds to a supported charity, enhancing the impact of your collaboration.
Receive Payments by PaypalEasily manage your payments on by selecting PayPal as your preferred method to receive funds from customers, streamlining your financial transactions with convenience and flexibility
Advertisement CampaignBoost your visibility and reach by creating an advertisement campaign extension on
Collective AvailabilityEffortlessly coordinate meetings with multiple people by checking their Collective Availability on
SMS RemindersEnhance your meeting efficiency with SMS reminders on Enable SMS notifications for all your bookings, and even let your Bookers opt-in for SMS alerts.
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