Our Pricing


For individuals

$10/ Month
  • Unlimited free/paid meetings
  • Host unlimited free events
  • Unlimited freelance services
  • Unlimited digital products
  • Host unlimited paid events


If you are a business/organization

$100/ Month
  • Everything Premium
  • Unlimited team members
  • Round robin meetings

Depending upon what you are selling, you can collect payment from your customers in multiple ways.

30mins Escrow

30mins.com is the middleman

Client pays to us in advance but payment is released to you only after completion of service.

Peace of mind for BUYER. 8% FIXED Commission.

You can use ESCROW for Meetings Services, Freelancing Services, Events, and Products.

Directly Outside 30mins.com

We are not involved

Use cash, check or any method to collect payment from customer. We are not involved.

We are not involved

You can use Outside 30mins for Meetings Services as well as Freelancing Services.

FREE. It is free to join 30mins.com! One place to manage and monetize all your interactions. Offer free meetings, paid meetings, host exclusive events, sell digital products and offer freelance services, the sky's the limit!