Enabling your customers and prospects to

  • Schedule free or paid meetings without the back and forth
  • Hire you for part time, or full time job,
  • Buy your freelance services and much more!
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30mins is a global online marketplace for freelance services. It enables you to allow others to schedule paid (or free) meetings with you, buy your freelancing services, hire you for a part time job or even full time job.


Enable your customers and prospects to schedule meetings with you - free or paid, recurring, or more. Tuition services, business meetings, advisory, speaking engagement etc.

Freelance Work

Set up your Gig, and offer your work to our global audience. You can offer any service you wish as long as it's legal and ethical. Ex. Build a logo, Build Webapp, Ghostwriting etc.

Full Time Job

Get your resume in front of employers. Add this service to increase your chances of getting noticed by employers. Even in slowdowns, they are always looking.

Part Time Job

Not looking for full time, create this service so employers looking for part time helpers can find you. Employers these days look actively for part-timers.

Are you an expert?

Have you written a book, have patents, run successful business, a successful investor, an attorney, a coach, want to give tuition classes, wanting to start a side hustle?

Scheduling meetings is always a hassle as they do not know your availability. Now you can signup, attach your calendars, get your personalized link that you can share.

  • No back and forth for availability: This link tells them your availability so that they can schedule it based on their availability without back and forth and no double bookings.
  • Paid or free: You can have people schedule meetings with you FREE of cost or you can setup PAID meetings where they pay to talk to you. After all it is your time! You decide your rate per call.
  • Decide how you want to meet: In person or phone or web conference meeting such as google meet, microsoft teams, zoom.
  • Donate: Donate part of proceeds to your favorite charity.
  • Recurring or one time: and more!

Are you looking for an expert?

Choose how you PAY or get PAID

After all it is between you two, you decide!


30mins Escrow

30mins.com is the middleman

Client pays to us in advance but payment is released to you only after completion of service.


Direct Payments

Direct to your bank

Client payments are deposited to your bank account directly.


Outside 30mins.com

We are not involved

Use cash, check or any method to collect payment from customer. We are not involved.


Are you a freelancer?

Design graphics, Create music or videos, Develop software, Do DevOps, Fitness trainer, Yoga classes, or wanting to start freelancing??

Typical freelancing platforms are always acting like a middleman and locking you to be not able to talk to your clients directly. We are different.

  • Choose how you get paid: Feel free to establish relationship directly and even get paid directly without using us as a middleman.
  • Low ESCROW Fees: You can offer clients to use as a sort of ESCROW for additional insurance for a low fixed fees of 8% unlike other platforms that charge hefty fees like.
  • Interact directly with your clients: In person or phone or web conference meeting such as google meet, microsoft teams, zoom.
  • Donate: Donate part of proceeds to your favorite charity.
  • and more!

Find the talent needed to get your task done and grow your business!


Join Us

We make earning easy!

The Gig Economy is changing everything – It’s not too late to get started. We help you become an independent earner without the overhead.

  • 1

    Automate reminders and followup

    Your entire workflows on autopilot, sending everything from reminder emails to thank you notes, so you can focus on the work only you can do.

  • 2

    Get paid on time, every time

    Payment is transferred to you upon start or end of meeting, freelance task as per your setup. We support Stripe for direct payments or escrow payments at this time. Get paid automatically.

  • 3

    Expand your reach

    We do SEO for your 30mins profile so that you can show up in google search, make you visible in our search, and more so that people can find you.

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