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Effortlessly schedule meetings, offer services, and sell products—all in one platform. Say goodbye to the back-and-forth hassle in scheduling meetings. Unleash your expertise, foster relationships, and unlock new revenue streams by seamlessly offering and selling digital products. Elevate your impact, your way.
Meetings Features
Flexible Meeting Pricing
Tailor your meetings to suit your needs. Whether you want to offer your expertise for free to connect with a wider audience or set a price for your valuable time, our platform gives you the flexibility to choose the right pricing strategy for each meeting. This empowers you to monetize your skills and knowledge while also fostering meaningful connections.
Calendar Integration Freedom
Enjoy the convenience of managing all your appointments in one place. Connect seamlessly with your existing Google and Microsoft Teams calendars or use our built-in calendar if you prefer. This eliminates scheduling conflicts, ensures efficient time management, and makes it hassle-free for your participants to find suitable meeting slots.
Empower Charitable Contributions
Make a positive impact by giving back. With the option to donate a portion or the entirety of your meeting revenue to charity, you can align your business goals with social responsibility. This not only demonstrates your commitment to making a difference but also resonates with participants who appreciate your philanthropic efforts.
Unique Meeting URLs and QR Codes
Simplify the process of sharing and joining meetings. Generate unique URLs and QR codes for each meeting, making it effortless for participants to access the right event. This eliminates confusion, enhances professionalism, and streamlines the booking process for both you and your attendees.
Effortless Recurring Meetings
Establish consistency and build stronger connections through recurring meetings. Whether it's for regular updates, coaching sessions, or collaborative discussions, our platform allows you to effortlessly set up recurring events. This ensures that participants know when to expect your meetings and helps you maintain engagement over time.
Get Paid Your Way - Escrow or Direct Payment
With, you have the power to decide how you want to handle payments for your meetings. Opt for our Escrow payment option to provide your customers with peace of mind – their payment will only be released once they've confirmed their satisfaction with the work. We act as a reliable middleman, ensuring a smooth transaction and charging a simple 8% commission. Alternatively, you can opt for Direct Payment, establishing a direct connection between you and your customer. You take control of the entire payment process, from completion to verification, without any intermediary involvement. Make the choice that aligns with your business model, knowing that supports both options for your convenience.
Restrict Who Can Book
Strengthen meeting security on your terms. Choose the level of authentication that suits your audience and purpose, from open access for anyone to join, to verified users only, or pre-approved participants. This feature ensures that your meetings remain private and secure, fostering a safe environment for meaningful interactions.
Global or Personalized Availability
Tailor your availability to maximize efficiency. Set global settings for open or blocked time periods across all your meetings, or fine-tune availability on a per-meeting basis. This customization empowers you to accommodate different time zones, personal commitments, and preferences, resulting in more successful bookings.
Engaging Pre-Meeting Questions
Gather valuable insights and ensure productive meetings. Set up questions that participants need to answer before booking a meeting, allowing you to prepare in advance and tailor your approach to their needs. This personalization enhances the quality of interactions and showcases your dedication to delivering value.
Public or Private Meeting
Control your visibility and access. Decide whether your meeting services are publicly displayed on your profile or kept private. This feature grants you the flexibility to share your offerings with specific individuals or groups, maintaining your professional image and directing your services toward your intended audience.
Freelancing Features
Direct Payments or Use us as the Middleman
Embrace your freelancing career with financial confidence. At, you're in control of your earnings. Opt for the Escrow payment method, providing your clients with assurance as payments are held until work is approved. As a trusted middleman, we facilitate the transaction and charge a straightforward 8% commission. Alternatively, choose Direct Payment, enabling direct transactions between you and your clients. Responsibility for project completion and payment rests with you. Tailor your payment process to fit your freelancing style and focus on delivering exceptional results.
Impactful Freelancing with Charitable Giving
Elevate your freelancing journey by making a difference. With, you can effortlessly contribute to causes you care about. Allocate a portion or all of your freelancing earnings to charity, aligning your professional success with social responsibility. Show your clients the positive impact you're making, creating meaningful connections and showcasing your dedication to both your craft and the greater good.
Insightful Pre-Questions for Freelancing Excellence
Enhance the quality of your freelancing engagements through thoughtful preparation. Utilize our Pre-Questions feature to gather essential insights from clients before beginning a project. By understanding their needs and expectations upfront, you're better equipped to deliver tailored solutions that exceed their requirements. Elevate your professionalism and demonstrate your commitment to delivering exceptional value with every freelance project.
Unique Freelancing Service URLs and QR Codes
Simplify client interaction and boost your freelance visibility. Each of your unique freelancing services on comes with its dedicated URL and QR code, making sharing and access seamless. Clients can easily find and book your services, while you present a polished and professional image. Whether you're connecting virtually or in person, our platform streamlines the process, enabling you to focus on what you do best – delivering outstanding freelance solutions.
Businesses Features
Team Round Robin Meetings
Foster seamless engagement with our Team Round Robin Meetings. Create meetings comprised of teams of your employees, enabling prospects or customers to book sessions. Our intelligent system assigns the available team member for each booking, ensuring efficient allocation and avoiding scheduling conflicts. Never miss an opportunity for them to meet with you.
Offer Free Downloads or Sell Digital Products
Unlock new avenues for growth by offering e-products on our platform. Whether you're selling digital products or providing valuable free resources, it's an opportunity for lead generation and establishing thought leadership. Enhance your credibility by sharing expertise through downloadable content, while also offering products for purchase. Leverage the power of e-products to engage with your audience and drive meaningful connections.
Host Free or Paid Group Events
Explore exciting opportunities with our Monetized Event Hosting feature. Now, you can effortlessly host and manage paid events, opening doors to a world of virtual gatherings, workshops, and discussions that offer valuable insights. Seamlessly set up paid registrations, manage attendee lists, and provide exclusive content to participants who have invested in your event.
Empower Your Employees
Empower every member of your organization with the benefit of offering Meetings. Each team member can engage with clients and prospects on an individual basis. Simultaneously, they can participate in collaborative efforts, strengthening team synergy and delivering exceptional collective outcomes. This versatility allows members to thrive in their individual capacities and contribute to the organization's success.
Organization Showcase Page
Present your organization with distinction through our Showcase Page feature. Each organization gains a dedicated URL and QR code, simplifying access for clients, prospects, and partners. This page encapsulates your team's expertise, round robin offerings, e-products, and more. Strengthen relationships, drive engagement, and solidify your organization's identity as a hub of expertise and value.