My names Gabriel Castaneda I have worked in many different industries but wasn't able to find my outlet. I have always wanted to help people in a big way and when I became Christian it even motivated me more to do so, it was just a matter of finding it and now I have!! I see people struggling with their finances trying to make ends meet and even I have gone through the same thing, but now I have learned how I could make an impact not only in their lives but their kids lives as well. I want to give the next generation a chance to grow and be able to express their ideas and ways to redefine the direction of the world and not be burdened with the debts we were unable to pay. If we don't do something now in this time to change how we live and how we manage our lives spiritually, financially and morally I don't know where they will be. This is what I believe and what I'm striving for, for us to be able to spend more time with our families and loved ones and for our kids who will come after us. I leave with this quote from John F. Kennedy " an error is not a mistake until we refuse to correct it."