Innovating by deploying marketing strategies with Salesforce's cutting-edge solutions is one of my motivations, both on a personal and professional level. Working with our customers at Incloud, my team and I are focused on satisfying their business needs, guiding them through their digital transformation journey. I joined the team as Director of Automated Marketing Solutions over 2 years ago, to offer an integrated digital solution based on customer data and specifically catered to their industry reality. The support we offer our clients is very flexible and based on realities faced by businesses. This support allows our clients to make their digital transformations at the desired pace and use Salesforce solutions to their full potential. Customer success is our utmost priority! Our approach is clear; it is a blend of technical knowledge, strategic planning, boldness and implementation. Once we're on our way, we're on a cruise! How can Incloud support your marketing needs? By collaborating with a seasoned team of marketing automation experts focused on your needs. We can: - Help you create synergy between your business units, completely redefining your customer experience; Make your digital business transformation a positive training experience for you and your employees, increasing the successful adoption of Salesforce tools; - Support you throughout your journey, from brainstorming, implementation, training, audits & recommendations; - Design tracking tools to harness the full potential of CRM data for your marketing; - Plan and implement automated personalized email campaigns; - Design a personalized customer journey tracking system to keep a strategic eye on your marketing investments; - Create smart dashboards, allowing you to have a complete overview of all your digital initiatives; And much more! Id love to show you what we can do for you, your team, and your business to work smarter and gain efficiency! Looking forward to it, Xavier Mlynek Director Automated Marketing & Partner @Incloud