The Audubon Group at Morgan Stanley was formed to provide meaningful advice to clients from a team of highly competent, hard-working, professional financial advisors from a wide range of skillsets, life experiences, and points-of-view. Our think-tank approach establishes the framework for open dialogue in an effort to solve our clients most complex needs in a tailored way. We build financial plans for clients to help them articulate, prioritize, quantify, plan for, and reach their goals. We focus on the following areas: Retirement and Financial Planning Investment Management Estate Planning and Insurance Strategies 401(k)/Defined Benefit Plans Alternative and Private Investments Socially Responsible Investing Investing with Impact Philanthropy and Giving Strategies We ask our clients to treat us as their primary financial advisor. When any large financial decision arises, we ask our clients to call us for a discussion. This includes purchasing or leasing a vehicle or home, paying for education expenses, handling inheritances, or any other financial topic. By developing a deep understanding of our clients lives, we are able to provide tailored, meaningful advice and help our clients enjoy the personal and financial success theyve worked hard to achieve. Our clients come first. Visit our website: