With 32 years experience in the financial industry, I enjoy helping clients define and reach their financial goals. Clients come with a long list of unanswered questions. When can I retire? When should I claim social security benefits? How does long term care insurance work? How do I fund my children's education? How much risk should I take when investing? Should I stay in my home or move to a senior living facility? How much life insurance do I need. I have a passion for helping clients answer these questions. I have the experience to make what may seem like complicated financial jargon, into everyday, understandable language. I especially enjoy working with the senior community. After helping to navigate my own parents through the maze of senior living choices and my father through his battle with Alzheimer's, I have the empathy to understand what seniors and their families are going through. At Even Keel Wealth Advisors of Raymond James I work with financial advisors, Michael Fowler and Jennifer Anders and service associates Karen White and Diane Nolette. Together, with a team of specialists at Raymond James, we stand ready to give unparalleled customer service and expert advice. We provide our services both virtually and in person.