The divorce process is a labyrinthine system that is difficult for both couples and professionals to negotiate. You need to understand the culture, the language and the systems to get your clients through it. That's why we created the NADP; to connect elite professionals to work together and to educate our members about the divorce process from a holistic perspective, providing CE's and marketing to help them grow their business. Our members have the resources they need at their fingertips. Clients are better served when the professionals they choose are knowledgable, highly capable of working on complex divorce cases while working together as a team. So, I am revolutionizing the divorce process by working with and connecting the professionals that help a couple during the most delicate, confusing time of their lives, because I believe (and now know) that the divorce process can be done better, without destroying a family. Because it takes a village! That's why my partner, Liz Becker, and I created the National Association of Divorce Professionals, LLC. We wanted to make a positive impact on this process by working with the licensed professionals that help a couple untangle themselves *legally * financially, * emotionally * their mutual assets like real estate, investments, etc. Through our NADP chapters online and across the country, we provide our members with access to a team of highly experienced experts that have made it through our extensive vetting process, so they can build RELATIONSHIPS, NETWORK, COLLABORATE and create a team to help that couple through ALL areas of the divorce process. We educate them about the entire divorce process, giving them a holistic understanding of everything their clients may be going through, so they can serve their clients better. Having a team of experts championing for their clients makes them an incredibly valuable asset to their client. By having these resources at their fingertips, by understanding all of the areas of the divorce process, we are making the process a kinder and gentler method for the couple going through it. Want to know more? Message me or email me at or call 888-623-7365. I want to help.