Welcome aboard! Im Vanessa, a third-year business student double majoring in Finance and International Business at Mount Royal University. I am fortunate enough to hold various managerial, executive board member, and team supportive positions across of series of wonderful and amazing organizations. Fields that I hold specialization in are: sustainable energy, food, customer service, non-profit, and hospitality. My skills, expertise, and abilities are diverse and adaptable to all fields. Since I actively seek out opportunities, I continuously grow my skill base or develop them to an expert level. Most of my skill set lies in the marketing field on an international level, providing market analysis and curating specific content to the targeted audience to increase engagement, retention, and conversion. This may include social media management, use of SEO, email marketing, and copywriting. Project management is another skillset I specialize in with over fours years of experience in event development and business development. I do have a keen interest tin assisting non-profits, start-ups, or any organizations working towards creating a circular economy. I am excited to learn and to grow. If you are on my page, I look forward to connecting with you and starting a conversation on what drives you!