Programming is Mike's passion, Mike has the certain skill sets that can help improve a system's effectiveness. Mike loves developing systems and hacking/fixing system loopholes. He can switch between Gandalf and a Hybrid Code Cowboy type of programmer ( Frequently updates a spaghetti code to a high-level human readable code). Mike likes to share and promote his philosophies in programming. He could care much less about what's happening in the real world than his fully artificially intelligent systems. Pixel 8-16bit Graphic Artist. Frame Animator. Resourceful in terms of maximizing a system's functionality. Extreme Level of A.I. programming. Physics Savvy. client-server encrypted controls. Client and Server side core developer. Map artist. Function Flags. Conceptual Developer. Mike has been been developing active in-game events,A.I.,cross applications, Classes for various games like Ragnarok online and flash games. He has been set to core development, controls, in-game mechanics to expand a game's playability and enjoyability. Mike is fond and very flexible working in a team /group (mostly with a group of game scripters that has been using his classes). Mike likes to jot/write down their opinions about the framework they developed together to speed up and optimize the system as much as possible. Mike has experience interacting with various types of gamer clients and had business transactions regarding the game and other games. Mike is very proactive. His motto is "Talk later, Program now, Discuss after".