The Melohn Group at UBS has over 50 years of combined financial services experience that offers our clients the benefits of wisdom during life's challenging stages. The relationships we have with you and your family are key to delivering quality financial guidance that is both meaningful and actionable. Throughout the relationship, we will take you through our comprehensive financial planning process to develop a flexible plan you can commit to one that reflects the goals that matter most, and helps avoid unintended consequences. We will help you navigate all the complexities life and money can bring, to achieve better long-term financial results. Our clients have consistently acknowledged our risk adjusted investment performance and high level of client service by continuing to be loyal, and by entrusting us with more and more of their friends and family. Our ultimate goal is to allow you to spend more time enjoying life, while achieving your financial objectives. I am an alumni of UC Berkeley. I enjoy hiking, skiing and traveling, with my three daughters, when I am not working. /*********/ **These are the comments of this employee only, and not of UBS Financial Services Inc., its subsidiaries or affiliates. No instructions for business transactions or which affect any client's accounts will be accepted through LinkedIn. Communications may be monitored and retained by UBS. All information and comments are provided for current, informational purposes only. See for the full disclosure.**