With 28 years in the financial services industry I am the most senior member of the BHR Group at Morgan Stanley, bringing a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of corporate stock plans to our team. I am a Morgan Stanley Stock Plan Director, a designation held by less than 1% of Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors. Serving those corporations throughout the years has also allowed me to develop a proficiency in the BHR Group's other core competency, servicing the wealth management needs of past and present corporate executives. My interest in human behavior, combined with my natural affinity for finance, aligns perfectly with the BHR Group's philosophy of educating and empowering clients, corporate and individual, to make decisions that are based on fundamentals, rather than emotion. We do not go to current or prospective client meetings telling people what to do. First we listen to what their goals and objectives are, both short and long term. We then educate them so they can make the most suitable decisions that are appropriate for their unique situation. Lastly, we create a customized solution to best help meet those identified needs. Throughout my career I have come to see that clients greatly appreciate my personable stile. Some may consider me old-fashioned, but given the choice I would still prefer to see my clients face to face, when possible, than communicate exclusively by phone or email. A client-centric approach is a trait that I share with the other members of the BHR group. The BHR Group is selective about the clients we take on. We have found that we can only provide the top-notch level of service our clients deserve when the relationship is built on mutual trust and respect. When a positive relationship is developed, the benefits are greatly enhanced. Achieving your goals is our goal.. Learn more about our team and how we help our clients. https://advisor.morganstanley.com/the-bhr-group NMLS #1278709