Since joining Merrill in 2007, I've been fortunate to bring clients my professional knowledge and personal empathy. In supporting their efforts to pursue meaningful financial goals, I work alongside Chris Beam a decorated U.S. Army veteran with more than 30 years of wealth management experience. Together, we bring a can-do attitude to a "diverse and deserving" clientele: Active and retired military and their families in Florida and 28 other states. Civilian contractors, real estate developers and business owners. Attorneys, physicians and CPAs. At Beam, McLaughlin & Associates, we're highly familiar with the military pension system. For example, through our analyses, we help clients determine whether they want "survivor benefits." Chris shares a special bond with veterans. We're devoted to honoring their sacrifice and helping them make smart decisions. For all clients, we bring "situational awareness." As retirement gets closer, cash flow becomes an issue. Based on BofA Global Research and our own, we manage and track client portfolios in the context of their situation, comfort with risk, Social Security, and other factors. We also offer input on Medicare Part B. We want know what keeps a client up at night so we can focus on it, the next morning. OUR APPROACH IS DISCIPLINED AND HOLISTIC. We ask questions, listen and learn from clients. This helps us prepare them for key decisions and transitions. We tailor goals-based strategies that extend beyond investments. We can provide access to Bank of America N.A., for example, so that clients can help family or purchase a home without disrupting their portfolios. We also coordinate with clients' CPAs and trust attorneys. We have a deep appreciation for clients' commitments to others. For older clients without family in town, we may help pay bills, taxes, and take them to doctors' offices. We're proud to do for clients what we would do, for our own mothers.