As a devout aviator, I know the importance of making good decisions. In fact, when Flying my life depends on the decisions I make. Being a responsible pilot requires skill, expertise and GRIT as well as good judgment and Ive transferred many aviation standards into best business practices. This is also true in our environmental decisions, even with the potential of negative impact on profits. Im honored to have founded and operated numerous businesses, from start-ups to multi-state operations including a national transportation company with revenues over $180 million (started in my parents garage) and a finance company with revenue exceeding $200 million. Some businesses from scratch , some through strategic acquisition and turning others around, revolutionizing, re-concepting, and re-branding, but always willing to adapt. I have now decided to focus my full time commitment to renewable energy solutions and mitigating the damages that we are projecting upon our planet and its natural resources. I Proudly join Sol-Up to advance their agenda in this important and fragile field. Natural resource preservation MUST be politically agnostic, with our respective focus on future generations and not merely for current gratification and corporate profit. The fight will be difficult and I am looking forward to my contribution in the slowing and , hopefully, reversal of climate change