Stephen Reisler is a founding member and Principal of ROCG Americas since its inception in 2004 providing business advisory to owners of small to medium sized businesses for over 20 years. Stephen is also certified as a Merger & amp; Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA), and is a member of the Alliance of Merger &. Specialties: Stephens' areas of expertise include strategic planning, business development, profit improvement, people development, process design, exit strategies, business coaching, and business transition. Stephen was key in working with partners of ROCG Americas LLC to create the Business Transition Roadmap adding significant value for SME business owners by helping them to create and implement business transition plans. He currently write articles, blogs, creates videos and written materials to help strengthen companies. Stephen has provided seminars teaching owners to build their business' value so that one day when they decide to sell they will receive the maximum value for their investment. He understands that many business owners are not aware of how complex the process of selling a business and business transition can be and helps to simplify the process for owners through his years of knowledge and experience.