Every great business professional has built his career around a fundamental truth, and Scott Fischer is no exception -- be the best version of yourself and win every day. This core philosophy is what moved Scott to join Northwestern Mutual, where he felt inspired by their high integrity culture and client-first approach to conducting business. Since joining NM back in 2007, Scott has shone bright as a trailblazer within the organization and the financial industry as a whole -- taking on a challenge that few dare to even consider -- working as both a Financial Advisor and Growth Development Director. Over the past 10 years, Scott has worked with countless professionals and emerging leaders on aligning their intentions with their actions; helping them create a pathway to their dreams. Much of Scotts success and the success his clients experience can be attributed to his ability to dig deep. Scott isnt afraid to ask deep, thought-provoking questions to help better understand the individuals he works with. Today, Scott would like to ask you a few of these questions: 1. Do you see value in a financial plan that incorporates not only wealth management, but also wealth preservation and distribution and risk management? 2. Do you believe in math? Do you like paying less taxes? 3. Is it important to plan for what can go wrong before you plan for the possibility of what may go right? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider sitting down with Scott over a cup of coffee. Whether you are interested in developing a financial plan for yourself or joining a thriving organization where you can build financial plans for others Scott Fischer is the man to talk to. Let's Connect scott.fischer@nm.com 904.356.5155 scottfischer.nm.com