Working the cash register of my parents small business at 8 years old, I quickly learned the steps to secure a strong financial future: work hard, live within your means and save. I also learned it took a lot of work and sacrifice. Those early experiences sparked my desire to empower business owners to feel confident about their own financial outcomes. That path led me to join Edward Jones as a financial advisor in 2011. Stephanie and Sandra, our branch office administrators, create a space where clients feel cared for, comfortable and understood. Our office has a family feel uniquely generated by three working mothers who understand what people's concerns are. My ideal client is at what I call that fuzzy moment in their financial journey knowing what they want, not quite sure how to get there, and open to a collaboration that will help move them toward their goals. Knowing this, I ask my clients to bring what I call AAAP: - The Ability to reach their goals. - An Attitude that values and appreciates the importance professional advice. - A spirit of Advocacy to make an impact in their communities. - And the Potential that comes from being in the growth stage of their career and willing to make the most of that moment in their lives. I have first-hand experience making sure changes in circumstance dont mean changes in a familys financial health. I divorced at a young age and took that chance to make some major life changes. Today, Im happily married to my husband and high school sweetheart. My spirit of advocacy also led to serving on my local school board and involvement with the Alzheimers Association and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Ventura County. I bring that same spirit to serving my clients one who help take them up their personal mountain of financial dreams and safely navigate them down to that moment in their lives where they reap the rewards.