Sandra Stein has nearly 40 years of experience in guiding clients in their quest for financial independence. She strives to assist her clients in achieving their financial, retirement and intergenerational wealth planning goals. Sandy takes great pride in the relationships she creates and maintains with her clients. She recognizes that individuals, corporations and foundations of today want socially responsible investing to be a main focus of their well-balanced financial plans, portfolios and philanthropic endeavors and strives to help them reach this goal. Financial planning is a cornerstone in Sandys approach; she enjoys creating Life Plans for her clients and appreciates the opportunity to work with them to achieve their wealth management goals. Sandy is a graduate of CCNY, with BA degree with a major in Political Science. She resides in the Hudson Valley of New York with her husband, John. In her spare time, Sandy enjoys exploring the various historical homes and the biking trails in her area. Disclaimers: 2021 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC (MSSB), member SIPC (, reserves the right, to the extent permitted under applicable law, to retain and monitor all electronic communications. MSSB will not accept purchase or sale orders via LinkedIn or its messaging systems. MSSB is not responsible for content posted by third-parties. MSSB does not provide tax or legal service please consult a tax advisor. Statements and messages are for US residents only and subject to the following terms: The returns on a portfolio consisting primarily of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aware investments may be lower or higher than a portfolio that is more diversified or where decisions are based solely on investment considerations. Because ESG criteria exclude some investments, investors may not be able to take advantage of the same opportunities or market trends as investors that do not use such criteria. NMLS#: 1282805