ATGF has been a title insurance underwriter for over 50-years, focused exclusively on providing underwriting services to independent title agents and real estate attorneys. Whether your firm is currently closing real estate transactions or youre thinking about starting a new title agency, we can help you underwrite your residential and commercial real estate transactions. Heres how to grow your Agency without growing overhead: Weve Got Your Back. Our dedicated underwriting staff and legal team provide your firm underwriting support and service whether you close 1 or 100 transactions per month. No Software Fees if You Choose EPIC. ATGFs production platform, EPIC, is used by our title agents and attorneys with no additional charge to your company. Integration Options with Your Title Production Software. All ATGF Agent Plus services seamlessly integrate with your current workflow. Place your Agent Plus order, and we will fulfill it quickly and efficiently in your title production software. Lower Your Overhead Costs. Our Agent Plus program provides your firm a resource to facilitate the process of ordering title search reports, initial commitment typing, CPLs, and policy creation, so your firm does not need to hire additional staff. Title Search Report Backed by ATGF. You can trust the Title Search Reports delivered through Agent Plus. Rest assured that if any errors result in claims, ATGF has your back with no negative impact on your claims history. Were Actively Underwriting in these 8 States: Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, North Dakota, Minnesota, Maryland, Mississippi, and Utah. Expanding into these 11 States in 2022: Alabama, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Contact me directly for an Agent Application: Connect with me at ------- > Or call me directly at 720-320-1921 Rudy Krupka