I have been a business owner or manager since I was 18 years old. My people and communication skills have allowed me to bring problem solving value to any facet of business. I always look for options and find quick and productive answers to always surge forward.Re-inventing myself during periods of change has been key to my success. Networking for me allows me reach out to others and have a powerful tool to help anyone at anytime by having highly qualified individuals who can provide assistance to anyone regardless of their business or educational background. My goal is to be the link between opportunity and sucess to anyone at any time.My network of professionals will keep everyone helping many and at the same time though a collaborated effort all involved will benefit by simply helping peole find answers and growing together in business at the same time. Specialties: Real Estate Sales Analysis,Investment Opportunities Consultant,Foreclosure Prevention Specialist, Shortsale Specialist, Loan Modification Consultant.