Integrating neurophysiology and trauma-informed principles with talent optimization, Dr. Robin Massey guides leaders and higher performing achievers and their teams to be exceptional. Her unique model addresses the ever-present reality of change and the biological and behavioral responses to it. Using science and evidence-based tools, she helps leaders create healthy cultures where humans thrive through increased understanding, compassion, resilience, and healing. Additionally, as a certified Predictive Index partner at MindWire Group, Dr. Massey teaches leaders how to predict and enhance the performance of their people by using rich data and predictive analytics. Using a comprehensive training program, focused on human capital, workforce development, and toxic stress reduction, this multi-layered approach empowers leaders to more effectively engage their people. Dr. Robin Massey is an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, as well as a trained and experienced educator. She is a certified trauma support specialist, a certified Predictive Index Partner, and has specialized training in toxic stress and change facilitation in the workplace. Her leadership and values-based approach guides people in understanding their inner drives and outward behaviors. Dr. Massey teaches people about "being human" to cultivate higher performing leaders and achievers.