I would describe myself as curious and driven. I am always in motion - whether it is in pursuit of the best way to serve and be there for my clients, to driving greater health and happiness for me and my family, to breaking 80 on the golf course. I thrive on being with positive uplifting human beings. MY PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: I have been in the financial services industry since 1992 as a trader and investment banker. Over the last decade I have been focusing on the wealth management business and joined Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in 2012. When you sit down with our financial advisory team our immediate goal is to build a trusting relationship with you so that going forward you know exactly where you stand at any given moment. That way you are able to achieve the financial goals you seek and feel confident that we're working in the best interest for you. I WELCOME A CONNECTION IF: You are looking to work with a dynamic financial advisory team to help you prioritize your life and financial goals You would like to make a connection to anyone in my network You are an avid golfer, a foodie, or public speaker You love video games