When asked to describe myself, what immediately comes to mind is my passion for working with customers, resolving their issues and questions, helping them to succeed. 20+ years of working with customers, including - 4 years as CSM in a Start up - Customer Escalations for the board at Mercedes-Benz UK - 7 years account management experience as CSM and Contract Renewal Manager If you are looking for someone who will build relationships, not only with your customers but also internally within the team and across functions, I can help. I have an inclusive style, believing that success is something to be shared, fostering a spirit of support and cooperation, not only with clients but within the team. The way to solidify a team is by helping others succeed. Typically, able to get on and work well with the whole team, I am often seen as the glue and managers have seen me as an objective confidant. On the systems and processes side of the work equation, I am usually one of the internal systems go to contacts within the team. Being able to work with a variety of personalities, I am often voted to de-escalate a situation with angry or difficult clients who need to feel heard. In my last role I had the nickname client whisperer. Combining this with not being afraid to speak up, advocating, teaching or aiding in solving problems through a polite but persistent manner, I have been recognized for my customer retention abilities. Equal to building relationships, is my Iove of solving new challenges. I have a natural curiosity and have been described as thinking like a chess player. This can help me advocate in areas where others may not see fully how the new product or process could affect customers or the team. In most roles I have been involved in training, whether helping team members onboard or receive updates on systems and processes. Or making and delivering training content for clients, through documentation, one on one training sessions and webinars. My adaptability and flexibility has allowed me to work successfully in a variety of industries on multiple systems, from fortune 500 companies to startups. If you have any questions, or feel that I could be of assistance, you can contact me at richard_burnett@outlook.com.