As industries are going digital, it is not surprising that we see a lot of new technologies that reinvents our way of life. From receiving your bills up to computing your taxes, these days, practically almost every financial transaction can be conducted digitally. Randy Prado established and is the CEO of Republisys and TransPera, the first Software Development company in the Philippines that focuses primarily on Fintech. He has a vast professional experience in sales and business development, digital marketing, payment solutions, cryptocurrency, advertising, social media and social business, having previously worked for industry leaders such as Nokia, Optus, Epsilon and SonicWALL. He accomplished a lot of achievements for the institutions he was involved with and accustomed to the life cycle approach of collecting, managing, and analyzing massive amounts of data. Together with a staff made of young brilliant minds and a conducive work environment that puts premium on teamwork and motivation, Republisys is growing to become an employer of choice.