Prepare your business for the long haul. In times like this, we need to make smart decisions and be equipped for challenges ahead. Our aim is to help your business retain its customer base reconnect with potential clients/partners and resume back-office operations. As a Founder and Managing Director of Big Outsource with over ten years of reputable experience in offshoring talent, we have satisfied the need of startups and small, medium-sized companies looking for a BPO that can do it all: customer support, back office, social media, design and software development. With our technology, talent and transparent management, we make sure that critical things are done well - at less cost. My clients know me as a straightforward, no-nonsense business partner who can simplify whats complicated. So, tell me how you want your business to scale and see how we can help you. And if youre wondering why Im passionate at helping ambitious companies thrive, it is this --- SMEs keep the economy afloat. For that noble reason, Big Outsource existed to debunk the myth of quality vs. price and that you can have both without the trade-off.