Wealth has become closely intertwined with every intimate aspect of our lives. This has brought with it tremendous complexity. More than ever the responsibility of managing finances has fallen onto our own shoulders. The assistance that employers, governments, or other organizations provide has shrunk over time. Its become overwhelming! Who can you trust? Clarity is key. I can help you bring more clarity to life. With clarity comes an ease of living, greater peace of mind, reduced clutter, and more effective decision making. From this also follows a greater financial wellbeing, family harmony, health, and contentment. Sound good? Im a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP) with significant experience helping people manage their finances and investments. I can bring structure to complex situations and can sort through the difficult tradeoffs that life often presents. I have a common sense approach to investing that helps to manage the rough ride of the markets, and cuts through the smoke and mirrors of the latest hot investment idea. Its more effective to look beyond just the next bend in the road and develop a strategy that can help navigate the series of unseen curves that are yet to come. Together we can make sense of things and create a life roadmap for you and your family, including: o Developing a retirement income strategy, to convert assets into a spendable income stream that won't be outlived o Preparing, saving, investing for retirement o Finding more tax efficient ways to shield income from taxes o Structuring an effective estate plan to support future generations o Supporting the charitable causes closest to your heart o Helping your children and grandchildren with their educational goals o Protecting your family along the way with appropriate insurance strategies o Finding more effective methods to manage your investments, including factor based investment techniques