Do you want to "save time" and get ahead early in your career? Do you want to be in an organization where promotion is not based on tenure but on performance? A lot of us dream big. A lot of us work hard. But things dont happen for us because the possibilities of our current job just doesnt match what we want in life. In ESLIA Branch, we have a proven process and system to help you get promoted to Manager in as fast as 9 months and earn 3x-5x your corporate salary in 6 months to 1 year. ESLIA is 2019's #1 Branch nationwide of Pru Life UK. Before it became a Branch, we were also the 2x #1 Unit nationwide of Pru Life UK. I am the President and Branch Manager of ESLIA and I am here in LinkedIn to look for driven and highly motivated millennials so that I could train and groom you to be the next super stars of the insurance industry. Sign up and register in the link below to attend our next career orientations.