We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive financial planning firm. While some financial advisors focus mostly on investments and others emphasize largely on life and/or disability insurance solutions, we differentiate our practice by bringing all the different parts of your financial picture together to determine a specific purpose for each element on your balance sheet. Our goal is to help people understand what is possible. Beginning with an idea of where youre at today as well as your immediate and future financial goals, we create a personalized financial road map to help keep you accountable and give you a clear idea of how we will work to achieve each goal. Our plans include determining your major purchases over the next 5 years, making sure your assets are protected, working towards saving 20% of gross income, as well as building assets outside of qualified plans. By considering goals such as a new house or car, a wedding, yearly travel, debt pay down, college planning, and many others; we can build an actionable plan that will work and grow with you in your financial journey. We achieve this by first protecting your biggest asset yourself! Your ability to make an income even through sickness, injury, or a down market allows your plan to continue forward seamlessly. By being allocated across 9 different asset classes, along with non-qualified assets for distribution, we believe we can get our clients to their retirement goals and comfortably be able to think about estate and legacy planning for the next generation. The profit on our business is developing enduring relationships with clients by providing expert guidance for a lifetime of financial security. We can help make your financial goals a reality whether you're single, have a family, or own a business. Lets get started today! Phone: 405-840-6454 Website: www.philippedlowiii.com.