For Penney Ooi, leaving a legacy is critical. Her parents were business owners, and, as a child growing up in Malaysia, Penney closely watched them work hard to create a better life for her and her siblings. Penney's own desire to create wealth for future generations of her family, particularly her children, eventually led her to the financial services industry. And, with an ever-present desire to create and preserve wealth, Penney earned a Finance degree from Southern Illinois University and soon after, began working as a loan officer for a mortgage company. Her new career, however, quickly proved challenging. Saving money became difficult, and Penney, with her dream of leaving a lasting legacy, began searching for new opportunities. Then, she learned of the World Financial Group opportunity from a friend. She called and invited herself to join the company. Attracted by the company's mission and compensation potential, Penney joined the company, while still working full-time as a loan officer. But quickly seeing the rewards from her hard work, after 9 months, Penney left the mortgage company to join WFG full-time. After just 2.5 years, Penney was promoted to CEO MD, and later became the first woman to reach SVC at WFG. As an experienced investment advisor representative in multiple states, Penney has assisted hundreds of families with wealth management and financial strategies. Her clients include retired individuals, small business owners, successful entrepreneurs, researchers and Silicon Valley professionals. Throughout her career, she has helped people to create a better life for themselves and for their families. Penney, alongside her husband and business partner Ben Eeo, continues to build a financial legacy for their two daughters while helping other families plan for their own future generations.