I became a financial advisor because I love thinking about the economy. I enjoy the fact that two brilliant minds can come up with completely different answers to the same economic problem. I enjoy arcane things like the debate between a loose monetary policy and tight monetary policy or how a decline in the value of the US dollar may impact your foreign investments. More than anything, I enjoy talking to my clients about how the things that happen in a global economy may impact their daily lives. I enjoy hearing about their retirement goals and discussing how I can help them achieve those goals. My clients choose to work with me because I take a financial planning first approach to managing their wealth. Others simply don't have the time to oversee their own portfolios. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the investment choices that exist today. I present simple solutions to complex problems without unnecessary industry jargon. My clients stay with me because they know I provide honest advice tailored to their individual needs. My costs are reasonable and completely transparent.