CPWA Family Wealth Director Life doesnt stand still and neither should your financial planning. I am responsible for advising the high net worth individuals, families and business owner clients of the Soter Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley. As a Family Wealth Director, I have attained one of Morgan Stanleys most prestigious qualifications, an accomplishment held by only a handful of Financial Advisors in the State of Ohio, and less than 4% of Financial Advisors as of February 2021. I have also earned the designation of Certified Private Wealth Advisor, an advanced certification created specifically for financial advisors who work with high net worth clients on the life cycle of wealth: accumulation, preservation and distribution. The Soter Wealth Management Group provides stewardship to clients who want simplified, consolidated and holistic wealth management solutions. Our clients come from all walks of life, but are similar in that they seek simplified, consolidated, and well-thought-out holistic wealth management solutions. We work with high net worth individuals and families, as well as small business owners, corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, real estate professionals, and entrepreneurs, together with their respective trusts, estates, foundations, endowments and retirement plans. Learn more about us at https://fa.morganstanley.com/thesotergroup Experience Morgan Stanley I have been in the financial services industry since 1993. My role in the Soter Wealth Management Group is to spearhead ongoing family wealth planning conversations and to find solutions for your near-term needs and long-term goals. I also work closely with my clients tax and legal advisors on matters such as tax and estate planning, concentrated stock positions, and the sale of privately held businesses