I am a standout associate recognized for innovation, tenacity and leadership skills. Relationship building, integrity and cultural inclusion are a central part of my values, as I believe that we are stronger together. I am highly motivated and energetic, focusing on my personal and professional career development through growth and education. Having 20 years of work experience in customer service, sales and administration has allowed me to sharpen my skills, while working within various industries spanning from private, public, non-profit sectors. Being multilingual and experienced in multiple sectors, allows me to play various roles in any organization. As a leader, I see the value and positive impact that results from collaborating with others and exchanging knowledge. Building collaborative relationships and being a thoughtful decision maker have lead to driving results for the team and organization. I have an entrepreneurial spirit, specifically meaning that I am a Spanish Language Tutor on the weekends, also developing an alternative learning center, with my business partner. Some of the positive results from my previous role, include sustainability projects (urban farming, waste management,) facilities management and serving as Secretary for the Joint Health & Safety Committee. My relationship building skills, administrative/sales experience and go-getter attitude would certainly prove to be an asset to your organization.