Michal Pisarek, CEO of Orchestry Software is a Microsoft SharePoint MVP, an award that is given to experts in the Microsoft SharePoint community for sharing their passion, technical expertise and real-world knowledge. His passion is in ensuring that SharePoint is seen primarily as a business platform so that organizations can take full advantage of the many capabilities that it offers. Acknowledged as a thought leader in the SharePoint space, he is a frequent speaker at many international events and has been referenced in publications and presentations by organizations such as Gartner and StepTwo. As an ex-chef, his love of food knows no bounds; his travel adventures are usually based around the best local eats that he can find. He lives in Vancouver, Canada with his amazing wife, tries to stay in shape by eating pizza and drinking alcohol, tries not to drive his co-workers crazy, and has a habit of not finishing his sentences. Specialties: Intranets, Digital Workplace, Orchestry, SharePoint and Office 365