Matthew T. O'Hara I believe your portfolio and wealth management should provide a sense of clarity in your life-and allow you to pursue your greatest goals, no matter the market environment. But in today's complex, constantly evolving financial world, knowing where you stand can seem harder than ever before. I focus on supporting affluent families who've worked hard to build wealth and want to preserve not only their assets-but also their values-for the future. Between demanding schedules, competing family priorities, and emotion-provoking headlines, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities you may face. My Client Commitment As a Senior Financial Advisor, I have spent more than two decades helping clients chart and navigate a path to their goals. Like a captain guiding a vessel through turbulent seas and calm weather, I feel that you deserve a trusted, knowledgeable guide along this journey. By serving a limited number of clients, I can customize wealth management designed to help you: 1. Determine where you stand today 2. Define where you hope to go 3. Address every aspect of your financial life 4. Prepare for the future while enjoying your preferred lifestyle today 5. Reduce the time you devote to wealth management I recognize how busy you are and the many priorities you must address. As your financial advisor, I will be committed to supporting your daily and long-term wealth management needs, so you can spend more time enjoying life. My Background I first entered the financial services industry in 1989. In 1995, I joined a small, family practice that eventually became part of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. Through changing market environments and Firm structure, I've worked to foster strength and comfort for clients in every step. If you are searching for a financial advisor to help you pursue the financial future you've imagined, I welcome the opportunity to connect.