You can be young without money but you cant be old without it. -Tennessee Williams | Planning for retirement or a childs education can be complicated. There's no perfect book or article that provides us with all the tips and tricks to a sound financial plan. This is where I come in. Think of me like a coach. You share your goals and dreams and I educate, guide and coach you along the way. I help keep you on track with regular review meetings, educate you on your investment options and strategies, and when life throws you a curve ball good or bad I am there to help you through. My own lessons in financial planning came through experience a complex family estate planning situation involving beautiful property in the Pacific Northwest, a 100 year old great grandmother and 5 generations all trying to figure out how to financially live happily ever after. My passion for financial planning and advocacy of financial education came through these experiences. It shaped me as an advisor. My goal is to help families retire confidently. Every family is different, having different needs and goals. Our plans are customized to you and your family, your goals, your life. We review regularly to keep your plan and investments in pace with your life. Tennessee Williams words are so true, we can look back on those college days and living off of little resources but after a careers worth of hard work and saving, you will want to live the good life whatever that means to you. Let me help you get there.