Follow leaders, take leap of faith and accomplish together as a team! Luke is a global leader with experiences in Digital Strategy, eCommerce and Omnichannel in Retail, Consumer and Technology sectors working with C-level executives to grow business and customer engagement. He also has strategic and hand-on experiences in Fortune 100 companies accountable for P&L to develop new business models, drive innovations and implement Go-To-Market strategy that grow sales, transform business and acquire customers. Highlights of his accomplishments: - Proven records in building partnerships and gaining alignment in matrix organizations that lead to result in sales and profit growths, brand and customer loyalty, and business efficiency. - Launched multiple digital initiatives including Online Stores, Mobile App and Marketplace for Fortune 100 brands and start-ups; set up and managed Online Grocery operations, merchandising, promotions and customer experience achieving 700% sales growth, 50% average order value over plan, 33% new customer acquisition and 98.5% customer satisfaction. - Cross-functional leadership with abilities to connect dots, identify opportunities and make fact-based decisions to deliver KPIs thru collaborating with IT, Supply Chain, Marketing, Operations and vendors. Luke is passionate about connecting brands and companies with consumers by offering seamless experience, integrating digital&traditional channels and leveraging insights&analytics to fulfill customers' needs. He is mobile for corporate or consulting opportunities at Luke.h.chen@