Born and raised in Suzhou, China, life has brought me across the ocean to start a new journey in Canada fifteen years ago all by myself. It's been quite an experience from not knowing anybody in this country to working as an enterprise sales professional in technology space - I am grateful! My mother is in sales hence I spent the majority of my childhood attending meetings with my single mother. One of my summer jobs in university was teaching English in China, I cold called the CEO from seeing his company advertisement in downtown Suzhou and I got myself an interview and a job as a result of a quick cold call. Needless to say, solving problems and adding value are part of my DNA - I'm grateful that I had a jump start with my sales career at Salesforce, after having a lot of success across three sales roles within less than five years, I made a leap to SAS where I focused on selling analytics solutions to financial services! Now at AppDynamics, I have the pleasure to continue supporting TD, RBC, CIBC, Scotiabank and BMO helping them improving efficiency and growing revenue in this competitive yet client centric environment. Both in and outside of work, I am a firm believer in gender equality and committed to help other women and minorities thriving in their workplace. Personal fun fact - I am a big fan of marine mammals (specifically orcas), an ocean conservationist, rock climbing enthusiast and ultimate frisbee team captain. I also dabbled in improv and stand up comedy for 4 years but found myself not so funny, it's better to stay a sales professional ; ) mother of a 8 year old rescue cat and the most recent addition is a rescue dog from Texas: Tofu. I love learning and I am a curious individual. Currently, I'm continuing to work on my swimming skills, learn German, piano and ball room dancing. In addition, my goal for 2021 is to read 20 books (read 16 so far, find me on goodreads and hold me accountable)!