PLZ DON'T BOTHER ME 4 AMOROUS, BUSINESS VENTURES. Operational Compliance/Internal Investigations/Operations CMDR/Field Auditor-Supervision & oversight of internal auditing; compliance towards company P & P and Federal laws; Databases developed to monitor trends or patterns deficiencies/concerns; propose corrections; Administer, direct special projects dependent upon corporate direction. Personally developed and assisted in training programs to reduce risk exposure to employers; Previously, licensed Private Detective State of NJ; Actively Licensed Sec/Inv Mgr/P.Investigator State of FL. Lic. P.Investigator WA, Licensed Unarmed Security Training Instructor & Less Options: OC/OC Blends, baton Collapsible & Straight, Kubaton, Tactical Flashlight States of FL & TN; Licensed Armed/unarmed private security officer in FL & TN (shotgun, OC & baton qualified for both.) Special Agent/Air & Ground Extradition Specialist/TCA Training Committee Instructor Extraditing fugitives safely/securely that were placed in my care, custody, and control; Strict adherence to federal, state, local laws, and ordinancesJeannas Act compliance; Personally transported fugitives of AMW. Successful international transport; Trained new employees & participated frequently in specialty movement of prisoners. Field Supervisor/Exec. Protection Specialist/Armed Priv. S/Officer--Supervision, training, and command of multiple armed/unarmed private, security officers & posts. Was previously licensed as Private Investigator in the Commonwealth of VA. Specialties: Private Security & asset protection; investigative, compliance or audit functionality duties; prisoner extradition/movement/escort duties; train, acclimatize, & assign new employees based on skill sets. EXPERT WITNESS TESTIMONY TOWARDS PRISONER TRANSPORTATION and/or LITIGATION CONCERNS. CONTACT ME FOR FEE SCHEDULE & AVAILABLITY.