I am currently a manager within the KPMG UK Credit Risk Assurance team which specialises in the assessment of IFRS 9 credit risk models for various organisations across the UK and Eurozone for retail, SME and wholesale banking segments. My experience in Credit has allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of the credit lifecycle(From the birth of acquisitions to the afterlife of collections) and I have experience in solving all kinds of business problems. I am a natural leader and have enjoyed managing and growing teams. I would summarise my key managerial skills as the ability to structure the unstructured and to communicate complexity simply. While Id like to think I have a PhD in thuganomics, I actually have done the amazing course of Actuarial Science. I am an Associate and Certified Enterprise risk Actuary(AMASSA and CERA) and busy with the Banking fellowship exam(still trying to transition to a Fellow Actuary before the force of mortality catches up with me). I love movies. I dont know if this is sad but movies are very inspirational for me and have contributed to a lot of my motivations in life. So naturally I live my life with the following principle in mind (taken from Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy): The reason why we fall in life is to learn to pick ourselves up. And remember there is no spoon ;)