Here, I held full responsibility for a credit portfolio of the public sector (SOEs) and sovereign counterparties within Africa, Latin America and Asia, for which structure finance, loans and derivative products are offered. I managed a portfolio of $6.5Bn, successfully achieving growth of 10% in last 12 months and exceeding organisational objectives with no recorded NPLs or asset quality deterioration. I applied specialist knowledge of requiring a detailed understanding of procurement, production/processing and sales/distribution phases for any new transaction as a first point of call to Front office. Whilst working here, I showcased my expert knowledge of client credibility, FX liquidity, Transfer and Convertibility risk, Debt Sustainability Analysis, pricing, business and financial analysis, risk mitigation and control techniques, insurance product sets and deep familiarity with collateral and covenant management arrangements. As part of my role, I worked closely with legal to negotiate trading documentation including ISDA, International Swaps Dealers Association /CSA - Credit Support Annex, GMRA - Global Master Repurchase Agreement, GMSLA _Global Masters Securities Lending Agreement). I played a key role in delivering input within IFRS9 and ICAAP stress scenarios with the quantitative credit methodologies risk team. One of the exciting parts of this role was that I travelled to various geographic regions included in the portfolio responsibility, meeting various sector stakeholders, developing and managing relationships. I drove strong stakeholder relationships internally and externally with IMF representatives, central bank and government authorities, independent economists and private sector corporates and banks. I presented applications to Country Risk committees, Governance credit committees and Risk Management and Board Risk Group committees consisting of Executive and Board members, including the Chief Executive Officer.