Im an international coach who has spent the last 20 years teaching people how to know and express themselves better. With the ultimate goal being that they carry themselves authentically, memorably, and joyfully in their career. Mindfulness + Story Strategy. Typically, I meet people as they question their worth, story, or strategy. It usually starts like one of these: It feels like everyone else with my experience gets opportunities to do interesting work. I dont get called for anything. I want to know how to fix it. In my head, I know the kind of manager I want to be. But when the unexpected happens at work, my actions dont match the vision. I want to change that. "I landed what I thought was my dream job. But, I'm still not happy, can you help?" Ive done a lot of things in my career and people are excited to meet and talk with me, but it never turns into paid work. Im at the right conferences and in the right scene, but Im not sure how to make this into something. I know its time for a change, maybe Im overdue. Im not sure what the next thing is, but Id love to not hate it. In all of these situations, I work with people to build up mindfulness and story skills to help them know and express their awesome. I do this by: - listening to your stories to help you see what is significant about your work - providing mindfulness techniques to develop skills that propel your career forward & help you feel like the gift you are - coaching you how to find, own, and share stories My favorite work is to help people see and express their best stories, to leave jaw-dropping impressions, and get people falling over your ideas and work. I have a BA in Drama in Education, an M.Ed In Humane Education, and an HR Honours Certificate. I am a Lead Unified Mindfulness Coach. I am a regularly requested international speaker and coach. In 2019, I was named a LinkedIn Top Voice for Workplace and Management. My book, The Career Stories Method, was published in 2021.