Strategic B2B Professional with experience bringing hardware, software and SaaS solutions to market. With over a decade in progressive marketing roles, I have the ability to build brand and demand generation programs that leverage digital, event, product and customer marketing strategies to generate awareness, adoption and revenue. I have spent the past 3 years honing my skills in Product Management. I love connecting with customers to understand their problems then building solutions to make their lives easier. I work with cross-functional teams of talented engineers, designers, sales, marketing and implementation professionals to build SaaS solutions and bring them to market. My highly organized nature helps me excel in project and program management. I'm in my happy place when planning large, complex projects and working with cross-functional teams to execute. I'm motivated by progress, seeing the direct impact my work has on organizational performance and customer success. Specialties: Strategic Integrated Marketing, Marketing Program Management, Project Management, Demand Generation, Product Management