I have an electronics engineering background and started working as junior consultant for global technology and consulting company after graduating. My first assignments were projects related to "Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (DW/BI)" specifically as an ETL (Extract Transform and Load) developer for data warehousing and data integration projects. After some years of gaining valuable experiences in my field of work, I felt and discovered my passion for data. I shifted roles to learn more about the whole DW/BI landscape, and since then I have been assigned different roles within the practice such as becoming a "Business Analyst", a "BI Reports Implementation Engineer", and a "Product Manager". Although I have gained years of working experience in the field, along the way, I have been striving to improve and learn new things taking training and certifications in Database Management (SQL and NoSQL), Business Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Visualization. I am passionate about data and technology and love solving problems through the use of technology. I am also avid basketball fan and during my free time, I implement statistics website for basketball leagues. It brings me pleasure to see my clients satisfied whenever I am able to help and solve their business challenges through insights from the data.