For 18 years of competence in the IT software development industry in progressive roles as a Software Developer, Business Analyst, Technical Team Lead, Technical Project Manager, Project Manager, Scrummaster and Independent Consultant. Sometimes I take the role Product Owner if the product requires me to fill the role giving direction to the project. Started career to funnel marketing and email marketing. These are new trends and great addition to my portfolio. Also, currently working for Supply Chain Management and Logistics which I serve as operations manager and process management. Mastered Agile Project Management in different practices, great work ethic in delivering simultaneous large-scale, mission critical projects on time and under budget. Team-based management style and excellent interpersonal/communication skills and staff management. Experienced in Desktop, Web and Mobile application development from ERP solutions to game development, also great knowledge in database optimization and migration. Specialties: IT professional with focus on solution architecture, project management, consulting, design and implementation. Exceptional combination of technical and communication skills. Effective mediator between technical resources, customers and end users.