I like being a GROUPIE: A person who likes working with and learning from other people. In my 6+ years of professional experience, I have worked with diverse individuals and it made me adept in managing people to bring out high quality output in the projects that I manage. I am a natural collaborator with good leadership, facilitation, and communication skills. By creating strong connections within my team and with other stakeholders, I am able to facilitate initiatives that help improve operational efficiency, develop people, and help assess situations in order to solve problems and bridge gaps. I take ownership of any task or project given to me, and with my keen eye for detail, makes me an asset to any team. I believe in the saying, "Life is a continuous learning process" and that's why I am passionate about learning and development. Whether I learn it through other people, experience, or honing my own skills; I believe there is always something we can develop inside us that will not only make us better at what we do but also, make us better human beings.