Hard working and personable I believe my strengths lie at the cross roads of technical analysis and project management. Ambitious and driven, I enjoy creating new strategies to help drive customer outcomes. I have a creative and innovative nature which results in the ability to add value, be it on request or through initiative. I take the time to proactively work with stakeholders to understand any requirement. Whether part of a project, or managing one, I find probing questions and attention to detail result in a superior end product. Depending on my role in a project I can be developer, stakeholder, or manager. Irrespective I believe my skills in producing/driving high quality work as well as communicating with and managing stakeholders is where I excel. My career choices to date are a good example of my ambition to grow. From the closed book nationalised mortgages and unsecured loans of Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley (UKAR), into a new lending environment with Computershare and then Retail Finance in my current role at STB I have tried to broaden my knowledge whenever possible. On this journey I have had to adapt learning new systems and analysis tools along the way from legacy systems (UFSS, Respond) to coding (SAS, SQL, Python) to design tools (SAS Visual Analytics), all while continually enhancing core skills in Microsoft Office (predominantly Excel and PowerPoint). Similarly, to enhance my management and development skills I have taken the opportunity to pass my Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and have taken internal (STB) courses on people management. Looking forward, I want to continue to add value where I believe my best role sits across being part of, or managing, high quality analysis driven strategy development.