Life isnt a numbers game. What makes us happy and what makes us money can be very different things. And money isnt the only measure of success. Yet too often, financial advisors forget that, and they dont realize that our natural human reactions to events can lead us to make financial and life decisions we regret. Wealth that extends beyond finance. The wealth of experience. The wealth of accomplishment. The wealth of family. Wealth that comes from knowing youve made the best possible decisions for yourself and those you love. John Ellard brings 29 years of experience in the financial services industry to Wealth Enhancement Group The greatest privilege we have is to help someone lead a confident and meaningful life. Our mission fits perfectly with my desire to make a difference. John is immersed in the wealth and estate planning community and he has special interest in helping individuals and families develop an legacy based on their own personal values through philanthropy. His involvement in the Philanthropic Advisor Leadership Institute, the Childrens Healthcare Legacy Advisor Council, and the Atlanta Estate Planning Council has only strengthened his resolve. There are many people who want financial security for themselves and their families, but have a desire to invest in causes meaningful to them. It is very rewarding to guide them through the process so they can make wise choices for themselves. He pursues the Iron Tribe lifestyle, and he loves sailing off-shore and hiking the Appalachian Trail. John is a Transit Leader at his church, building relationships with middle schools boys to help them become authentic young men. John and his wife Laura have two children; Justin is a U.S. Marine and Julia is prepping to start college. The whole family enjoys cheering on UGA. Please understand that federal securities regulations prevent me from accepting any endorsements on LinkedIn; however, personal referrals and recommendations are always welcome!