John has been an advisor for over 31 years. He has focused his team's business on goalbased wealth management and legacy planning. This is a holistic approach to advising and helping clients manage the unique aspects of their financial lives. John and his team focus on creating detailed wealth management strategies that are specific to each client. These strategies serve as the framework for which we develop our asset allocations, investment recommendations, and plans. We analyze spending, family budgets, review current holdings, analyze fees, and make recommendations. Additionally we will make any necessary referrals to fully actuate your strategy to pursue your needs, hopes and wishes. Mr. Campeau clients include many entrepreneurs who have experienced substantial liquidity events as well as, corporations, CEO`s, Medical Practitioners, and we have distinctive segment of our practice that caters to entertainment professionals (both artists + business people) in the NY & CT entertainment communities. Mr. Campeau was the financial expert for ABC News Channel 8 for over 10 years and has been a panelist on MSNBC`s Buchanan & Press. Mr. Campeau is an adventurer in heart. He was an avid freestyle skier for many years. These talents fed to a second "career" announcing various stops on The World Cup Ski Tour. Additionally he has appeared in several Warren Miller ski films and was the freestyle skiing announcer for the Mogul + Aerial events at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Mr. Campeau's interests are design, film & photography. He lives in a converted/renovated convent in Wooster Square that he and his wife Kate rehabilitated. *Asset allocation does not ensure profit or protect against loss in declining markets.