I'm a recruiting professional driven by my personal mission to help more job seekers land the best jobs they can get. My name is Jim and this is my life's purpose. CAREER MATCHMAKER I connect the most amazing candidates to the most amazing hiring managers. I make it easy for both parties to find each other and establish the best team they can ever be! CAREER CHEERLEADER I've been conducting training and coaching sessions about finding the best career opportunities here in the Philippines to help out in lessening the 4M unemployed Filipinos (hopefully!). A recruiter like me can dream, eh? CAREER GLOBETROTTER My entire career has been in international companies, and the only continent I've never hired for is Antarctica. ;) MAKING IT HAPPEN I bring my passion and my mission to life by being an effective centerpiece for candidates, hiring managers, interviewers, and all the other stakeholders, and by challenging our biases in making hiring decisions to achieve greatness and success. I never stop learning, thriving, and improving because I have a great support system that I can rely on! FUN FACTS ABOUT ME I'm a certified Potterhead (Ravenclaw for the win!), and I am motivated by learning and being surrounded by amazingly talented and fun and loving people and am passionate about sharing what I've learned with others. I love to cook, read books, watch movies and TV series, and I'm very much into TED videos. Occasionally, I join non-profit outreach events to help feed children from families in impoverished communities, bringing hope to people who need it the most. I'll be your thought partner in finding your next best career move. See that "Message" button right there? This is your sign to reach out to me. Let's get that job offer!